My name is Tianna Belcher. I'm a 17-year-old artist from Richmond, Virginia, but I was raised in the U.S Virgin Island. Ever since I was 4, I knew that I wanted a job that dealt with art. Creating art is something that I'm very passionate about. I draw during any chance I can get whether it's at school, at a party, or even while I'm out shopping.

So what is my dream? Honestly, it's to be able to create my own animated shows. Currently, I'm working on two webtoons called "Limitless: Tales of an Angel" and "Blue Tides." They both take place in the same universe. I have more ideas and soon to come projects that I'm working on. I'm building up a whole universe for these titles. There's just so many ideas that I want to share with the world, so I'm working hard to make these stories exciting!

I plan on going to an art college to further my skills. Taking a class in animation is the first step that I'd love to take! Character design is also something I want to advance in. My artwork is mainly mixed media since I don't like sticking to one type of media. Honestly, I love to try different things and experiment! Some schools I'm mainly looking into are - California Institute of the Arts - School of Visual Arts.

If you're thinking of getting into art, you should go for it! Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't achieve! Art takes time to master, and I can't say I'm close to mastering it. However, practicing every day will help you to get better, and the fact that you put in the effort is what matters the most. I dedicate my life to art, so it's involved in my life daily! You have to love what you do. If you're not feeling creative, look around you. The world has so many ideas to offer. When I feel uninspired for ideas towards my comics or stories, I often think about my everyday life and how I can incorporate them into these stories. Just be you and have fun!!

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