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My Weight Loss Story

December 22, 2014, is the day I decided to make a change to live a healthier and happier life. This was the day I decided to have Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. Many people think that I took the easy way out, but actually, I believe I received a way that had risks involved in any significant surgical procedure. Which in my opinion is not an easy choice to take. It took me ten years to decide whether to have weight loss surgery, and it was a decision I do not regret. Losing almost 80 pounds within a year after surgery is remarkable in my eyes and a considerable achievement.

I am the first to admit that surgery is not the fix all to obesity. I still have to watch what I eat on a daily basis, and exercise regularly to continue to lose weight and not gain the weight back. Starting out at a size 20, now down to a size 12, has been quite a journey and has not been easy. Every day I have to choose whether I want to live a better life or do I want to give up. It feels like I am in recovery from my self because I have always been an emotional eater since I was a little girl.

Being an emotional eater is dangerous because you eat when you are happy, you eat when you are depressed, you eat when you are bored, and even at times when you are angry. Our emotions can run all over the place throughout the day if they are not under control. The negative impact of this is we tend to eat at all times of the day without any self-control. We tend to think we have power over this, but when you take the time to study what you eat, you learn you may not have so much restraint in this area.

I know personally I suffered from bad relationships, and this caused me to go into a downward spiral. My weight went up and down based on how my relationships were going. So if I was on the heavy side, I was in a bad relationship, and if I started to lose weight things were going well in my relationships.

This was not healthy in any way for myself, because my weight should not be dictated whether I was involved with someone or not. It should have been balanced and consistent because of the love I have for myself. I learned losing weight to stay fit to impress someone else is a no go when it comes to this journey because your love life can be unpredictable.

I had to decide to cut ties with toxic, unhealthy relationships so I can continue to live and practice loving myself. At one point in my life, I hated to even look in the mirror because I was ashamed of what was staring back at me. I had accomplished significant goals in my life, but I felt I was not good enough because of what other people thought of my appearance. I had to reevaluate the reasons why I wanted to lose weight and keep that goal in mind.

Four years after surgery I am in a much overall healthier place. I am finding ways to love me because I deserve it and I am worth it. I can look in the mirror longer, and I am more cautious of the people I bring into my life. I had to take time out to be by myself so I can know just how amazing I am as a person. I had to take the time to know who I am, things I love, things I don't like, and also who I want to become. I had to learn how not to allow negative energy to affect my mind, family, and financial goals.

Taking the time to mediate had tremendous benefits when it came to dealing with anxiety and stress. I was able to listen to my spirit and God in my moments of peace. Practicing mindfulness and calming my mind through meditation, I was able to clear out the stress in my body. Throughout this process, I have learned I no longer need to be everyone's hero to save the day. I can be my hero, every day.

My purpose of creating the site is to be able to reach out to others around the globe who are battling mental health issues and/or obesity. Maybe those who are just wanting to take a healthier direction in life. I do hope you enjoy this site and all it has to offer. Feel free to make friends, comment, and share your stories along the way. Check out my YouTube Video Blog Here... and my Weight Loss Pics Here...


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